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Quality for ALL: The Power of LEO

Quality for ALL: The Power of LEO

Note: This article appears currently in the January/February 2012 issue of  European Business Review Quality for ALL: The Power of LEO By Subir Chowdhury The “New” Face of Quality At a time when we have, more than ever, an abundance of impressive management tools to help us ratchet up performance, many businesses have made only […]

“The Power of LEO” debuts...

“The Power of LEO” debuts to rave reviews

The Power of LEO, by award winning author and global authority on quality, Subir Chowdhury, has debuted to rave reviews!  The Power of LEO is the long awaited follow-up book to best seller The Ice Cream Maker, which introduced the world to the concepts of LEO – Listen-Enrich-Optimize. While the The Ice Cream Maker provided a […]

The State of Healthcare


Low and behold, I finally got the urge to write a blog about the State of Healthcare in the U.S.   I feel so compelled about this topic that I decided to share my thoughts about LEO and Healthcare. As we all have seen in the last few years, healthcare continues to be challenged.  The future […]

What is LEO?

What is LEO?

It’s not just the processes or methodologies that a company works with that can make them more or less successful. What is the reason that some succeed and some don’t when implementing the same initiatives and methodologies (i.e. Six Sigma, DFSS, Lean, etc.)? There are always plenty of variables, but one of the most critical factors in answering […]

Quality is More than Quality

Quality is More than Quality

Quality is a lousy word. It’s hard to define. Quality sounds a little boring. But Quality, we often hear, is King. Seth Godin talks about quality in his new book “Poke the Box.” On page 20: “Just about everything on offer – from a car to an iPad to an insurance policy – does exactly what it’s […]

Scenerio’s : Complimenting What...

Scenerio’s : Complimenting What You’ve Heard

Developing a product that will stand out in the market place is a difficult task.  That task is a little easier when the market place is still developing; as is the case in the tablet market today.  With relatively few offerings to choose from, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make yours stand out above […]


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